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Normandy Tours from Paris FAQ’s

Answers to some of the most common Normandy touring questions

Can you tour Normandy on your own?

If you are driving a car, you can certainly visit the local museums and drive the coastline.  If arrive via train at Caen or Bayeux station, you’ll want to join a tour or rent a car since you are at least 20 miles from any actual D-Day landing site.

How many days are needed to visit Normandy?

Normandy is a region that stretches 300 miles from Belgium to Brittany, but you can fit the American D-Day highlights into one busy and enjoyable day. 

It’s ideal to add a second day to see Mont St. Michel and a third day for food, cider and art if you are so inclined.

How long does it take to tour the Normandy beaches?

After a 2 hour train ride from Paris to Normandy, the American D-Day highlights are best experienced over a full day tour. A quick highlight tour in the afternoon is also possible, but we recommend the full day option.  Tours also finish with the playing of “Taps” at the American Cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer.

What are the best Normandy tours?

The best tours in Normandy are small group tours which cover the D-Day landings in depth, with a next day option to visit Mont St. Michel.

Normandy Tours: Omaha Beach in Normandy as it stands today.
Normandy Tours: Omaha Beach in Normandy as it stands today.

Can you physically set foot on the D-Day beaches?

The public can walk on any of the five major D-Day landing beaches at any time.

What tours in Normandy are taking additional safety precautions in the age of COVID?

All of our Normandy tours feature vaccinated tour guides.  The touring vans have a plastic shield between the guide and the client.  Masks are worn upon request.

Which Normandy tours are best for families with kids?

Small group or private Normandy tours covering medieval history based from Bayeux are ideal for families.  In summer, Bayeux features a mini train for kids 12 and under.