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Dancers at the Paradis Latin.

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Paradis Latin Cabaret Tickets

Price: $200 (Show and  “Eiffel” dinner menu), $225 (Show and “Prestige” dinner menu), or $285 (Show and “Napoleon” dinner menu)

Departure Time: Dinner guests arrive between 7:30 pm and at 8:00 pm. The cabaret show begins promptly at 9:30 pm.

Duration: 3-4 Hours

Meeting Point: 28 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine, 75005 Paris, France

Availability: Shows run seven nights a week year-round.

About The Paradis Latin Show

To celebrate its 130th year in operation, the all-new Paradis Latin Paris cabaret has collaborated with famed French choreographer and director Kamel Ouali to deliver an exciting and fun show.

Both lunch and dinner menus have been designed by triple Michelin-starred Chef Guy Savoy.

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Lunch option available on select days, contact us for booking.

Paradis Latin Paris Packages

Dive into the magical realm of Paradis Latin with the “L’Oiseau Paradis” show, a spectacle that captivates from the moment you enter. This 90-minute extravaganza showcases a vibrant array of dancers, singers, and acrobats, set against breathtaking stage designs and special effects.

Centered around the dream of a waiter aiming for the limelight, “L’Oiseau Paradis” is a modern masterpiece that honors the essence of traditional Parisian cabaret, including the glamorous French Cancan. Crafted by renowned professionals, every element, from the lavish costumes to the intricate lighting, is a tribute to the legendary French artistic flair.

We offer three dinner packages at the Paradis Latin Cabaret.  Unlike other dinner-cabaret shows, all food is prepared in house in the on-site kitchen. All three menus are sure to please. Welcome!

Paradis Latin cabaret in Paris

All dinner packages include a half-bottle of Bordeaux wine, 1/4 bottle of Champagne, and a half-bottle of mineral water per person.

Current Paradis Latin Cabaret Menus

“Eiffel” Evening Menu

Appetizer (choose one)

“Poultry and veal” paté with pistachios, beetroot as a condiment
Free-range poultry, veal breast, foie gras and pistachios in a shortbread crust, served with a cooked beetroots tartare

Colors Paradis
Smoked salmon, horseradish cream, mashed broccoli, salmon eggs and smoked butter sabayon

Mushroom velouté, “cauliflower-hazelnut”, crispy Comté cheese
Paris mushroom soup, mashed cauliflower, roasted hazelnuts and “comté-emmental” tuile

Main Course (choose one)

“Koulibiac” style salmon, white butter sauce ginger infusion
Salmon fillet, rice, spinach and organic eggs baked in puff pastry


Cocotte “beef & carrots”
Beef chuck cooked in red wine, served with carrots cooked in beef


Multicolored vegetables, perfect egg and parmesan
Cooked vegetables: mashed artichoke, multicolored carrots, yellow beets, candied tomatoes, leeks, multicolored radishes, and turnips. An organic egg cooked at 64°, parmesan tuile and chive


French Kiss
Exotic flavour, combawa pineapple sorbet, mango passion fruit insert, on a ladyfinger biscuit coated in dark chocolate


The pear in the quince
Whipped pear ganache, quince paste insert, shortbread biscuit. In the shape of a white chocolate cloud and feather.

All served with ½ bottle of Mineral water, ½ bottle of wine (red or white), and 1/4 bottle of Champagne

“Prestige” Evening Menu

Appetizer (choose one)

Terrine of foie gras, “butternut-kumquat” chutney, melba toast
Foie gras cooked in a terrine with sweet wine and red kampot pepper,

served with mashed butternut and candied kumquat, bread crisps

Egg cocotte, chestnuts and white truffle emulsion
Organic egg cocotte, mushrooms and chestnuts, chicken broth infused with white truffle

Crab-Avocado in fine shellfish jelly, squid ink tuile
Remoulade of avocado and crab, shellfish jelly, Granny Smith apple and mixture of cress: shizo, radish cress and nasturtium flower

Main Course (choose one)

Filet of Pollack with sweet spices, Jerusalem artichoke, beurre blanc infused with coriander, roasted flavor
Pollack cooked in spices, Jerusalem artichoke, beurre blanc with coriander seed and coffee powder.
Roasted cocoa nibs on top


Monkfish medallions, saffron vegetables “bourride style »
Medallions of monkfish cooked in olive oil and saffron, new potatoes and fondant leek,
gourmet peas, snacked pak choi, fish soup with aioli


Paradis Wellington “served rare”
Beef fillet, Paris mushroom duxelles, cecina (beef ham) in puff pastry. Baked rare, beef jus with port


Infinitly Lemon by Pierre Hermé
Lemon cream, raw lemon flesh, candied lemon, light lemon cream, lemon shortbread,
lemon jelly, lemon ice cream, crispy lemon meringue


Sweet pleasure
Initiation of tastes, textures and temperatures around milk chocolate and hazelnut

All served with ½ bottle of Mineral water, ½ bottle of wine (red or white), and 1/4 bottle of Champagne

Getting to Paradis Latin

Arriving at Paradis Latin is effortless, situated in Paris’s bustling 5th arrondissement. Metro users can take Line 10 to Cardinal Lemoine or Line 7 to Jussieu station, both just a short stroll away. Bus lines 47 and 89 also stop nearby, and for those seeking convenience, taxis and rideshare services provide direct routes to the venue’s doorstep.

Getting to Paradis Latin in Paris.

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Why we love Paradis Latin – A few things separate this show from other cabaret shows in Paris.  First, it is a family-owned business. That’s nice. Second, there is an actual full kitchen on site. Third, the show is generally more family friendly, with a variety of acts, than Moulin Rouge, Lido, and Crazy Horse. Paradis Latin is a great time. Recommend. – John,