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Day Tour From Paris Booking FAQ’s

Answers to common Link Paris booking FAQ’s

If you have a question not addressed here please email or call us at 1-424-386-5222.

I just booked online. Is the invoice I received my tour confirmation and voucher?

No. Prior to your tour date, you will receive an email with full instructions on meeting your tour guide. Tour vouchers and rail tickets (if included with your tour) will be sent as PDF files via email. They will need to be printed out as it is your actual tour and train tickets.

I want to do a tour tomorrow.  Can that be done?

We need two days advance notice for most standard bookings, as each tour accommodates only 8 people and we will need to contact our French partners to check on availability.

I am already in Europe.  How will I get my train tickets?

We will email the tickets or have them on retrieval at the train station.

I have a train pass or want to book my own rail tickets.  Can I book just a tour?

Absolutely.  You need only book reservations for the particular train times you need to meet up with our tour.  We will instruct you as to the exact times once your tour is confirmed.   Please do not book rail reservations until we notify you of the correct train times.

I don’t have a printer or email access. How will I get my voucher?

We will gladly fax your voucher and tour instructions to your hotel. If in an apartment, your tickets will be on retrieval at the station and the guide will be sent your voucher.

I am traveling solo and just booked, am I good to go?

Typically, yes. Solo travelers are always welcome. Occasionally, solo travelers will be asked to move their tour date a day or two as most tours have a two person minimum total to run.