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Custom and Private Le Havre Shore Excursions

If you are landing at a port of call in Normandy, France such as Le Havre please contact us to arrange a custom tour to the d-day landing beaches or for a special day trip to Paris.

Pick-up and drop-off at your dock. Call us before your cruise toll free in the USA at 1-424-386-5222 or email us.

Visit the American Military Cemetery at Colleville-Sur-Mer.
Le Havre Shore Excursions: See the American Military Cemetery at Colleville-Sur-Mer.

Suggested Tour Sites and Destinations from Le Harve:

If you have any other destinations in mind besides the above please visit our Normandy page.

One thing to keep in mind when planning Le Havre Shore Excursions is that it is best to plan ahead. If not, your options will likely be limited to whatever your particular cruise line is offering.

Le Havre Shore Excursions: See the Bayeux tapestry.
Le Havre Shore Excursions: See the Bayeux tapestry.

About the City of Le Havre

This very old city (decreed a major port by Francois I in 1517) mostly looks very new, due to the relentless bombing by the British and Americans during WWII. After that and the German destruction of the port, well, not much was left.

Still very important to keeping French shipping competitive with North Atlantic ports, it was rebuilt by innovative architect Auguste Perret over two decades after the war. For good or bad, it is internationally recognized for the innovative use of concrete in modern buildings throughout the city. Le Havre is an industrialized deep water port, right at the mouth of the mighty Seine. It’s about a 2 hour drive from either the D day beaches or Paris (the opposite direction of course). A direct train to Caen, though long promised, has yet to happen. It’s easier to get to Rouen, just an hour away.

Culturally, Le Havre offers the second largest collection of Impressionist art in France, behind only the Musee D’Orsay in Paris. Not surprisingly, local sport focuses on sailing, rowing and regattas.