Top Five Train Trips From Paris

Our list of the top five train trips from Paris. Enjoy!

From Normandy to the Loire

Normandy D-Day Tours from Paris – There is no more hallowed ground in Europe’s history than the beautiful, wild coastline of Normandy. Tracing the footsteps of the men who, inch by inch, took Point du Hoc, Omaha Beach, Utah Beach, Juno, Sword, St. Mare Eglise and Arromanches is an unforgettable experience, whether done in one day or over several.

See Mont St. Michel – A 12th century French monk had a vision to build a monastery atop a rock off the remote Brittany coast, cut off by tides twice a day. Over centuries, it was built. See this pilgrimage site, an incredible achievement of faith, with a day trip that whisks you there via high speed rail.

Top Five Train Trips From Paris: TGV trains at a station in Paris
Top Five Train Trips From Paris: TGV trains at a station in Paris

Experience Provence – Miles of lavender fields are a vision in July, but year-round, Provence is a magical destination of perfectly-preserved medieval villages, Roman ruins, charming walled towns and rustic gourmet foods, from truffles to Rose wine. Experiencing France’s ultimate countryside is a dream.

Taste the Splendors of Champagne – Visit the region that made a drink so superior it can only be called Champagne. Everybody else is just selling bubbles in a bottle. Be it a Moët & Chandon cellar tour, where you can see the bottles preferred by Napoleon, or a walk in the underground caverns of the revered widow Clicqout, a Champagne day trip with elegant tastes is just 45 minutes from Paris and a world away.

Visit the Loire Valley Castles – At the end of his life, Leonardo Da Vinci called the Loire Valley home, bringing the best of Renaissance design to the dukes and royals of France. Visit a fairy tale place of castles, rivers and green fields, also known for well-made wine that is making its mark worldwide.