Mont Saint Michel Day Tour

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A one day trip from Paris to Mont St. Michel and Brittany

Price: $172.00 per person (tour and abbey ticket only), $330.00 with 2nd Class Rail, and $430.00 with 1st Class Rail. Note: Any tour can be made private. Contact us for pricing and details.

Spend the day exploring Mont Saint Michel and Brittany. It can be done in a day, thanks to the high speed rail that goes direct to St. Malo from Paris. Visit Dinan, Saint Malo, and the abbey at Mont Saint Michel. Tours run from March through October on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Tour group is eight people maximum.

One of our most popular tours. Read our customer reviews.

Mont St. Michel Day Trip from Paris by Train Itinerary

Start the day with a relaxing train ride from Paris’ Gare Montparnasse to Brittany.  Upon arrival in the town of Saint Malo, your driver will be waiting to take you on a tour of Brittany’s emerald coast and historic Mont Saint Michel.

First Stop: Saint Malo

The walls outside of the old town of Saint Malo in Brittany, France.
Mont Saint Michel Day Tour: The walls outside of the old town of Saint Malo.

The walled city of Saint Malo retains a medieval atmosphere, with cobbled streets and half timbered houses. The dramatic Brittany tides, highest recorded in Europe, (a 30 foot gain in as many minutes!) can be experienced at the sea wall or with a walk along the flats at low tide.

Second Stop: Mont Saint Michel

The interior of the abbey at Mont Saint Michel

A medieval monk was visited by a seemingly impossible vision from the archangel Michael. The angel instructed him to build a monastery atop a rock formation along the Brittany/Normandy coastline. Many centuries later, Mont St. Michel, as it now stands, was completed. Mont St. Michel is the second-most-visited site in France, after the Eiffel Tower.  An historic gem.

Final Stop: Dinan

Mont Saint Michel Day Tour: A cobblestone street in the medieval town of Dinan, France.
Mont Saint Michel Day Tour: A cobblestone street in the medieval town of Dinan, France.

Just a few miles from St. Malo, is the preserved medieval village of Dinan. Dinan was an important trading post during the Middle Ages. Today it is filled with charming cafes and shops.

You’ll finish the day in Rennes, boarding the TGV for a quick two hour ride back to Paris.

Mont Saint Michel Day Tour – More Information

Your train leaves Paris’ Montparnasse station at 7:08 am, bound for St. Malo, and arrives back in Paris at around 10:05 pm.  By taking rail from Paris directly to Saint Malo (and back from Rennes), our tour cuts out about five hours of driving time.  This allows for more time on the ground in Brittany and Mont St. Michel.

Lunch is not included, but ample time is provided at Mont Saint Michel.

Mont Saint Michel Day Trip from Paris FAQ’s

Other companies typically offer Mont Saint Michel Day Tours from Paris by the busload. Up to 50 people per tour!  Our tours are all eight people per group maximum and hosted by a Brittany local. 

Bus tours from Paris are often run concurrently in different languages.  Our tour is in English only.

Taking the high speed rail gets you to the region so much faster that you see three destinations (Saint Malo, Mont St. Michel and the charming medieval river town of Dinan), instead of just one.

Your first stop is Saint Malo, where you spend about an hour. It’s a 30 minute drive to the Mont, where you will spend about three hours. Part of this time is the quick shuttle from the parking lot to the causeway. Then it’s a 40 minute drive to Dinan. After an hour there, it’s about a 45 minute drive to Rennes. You are an hour closer to Paris than at St. Malo , so your return train is almost half the time of your outbound train. All driving is in the pretty Brittany countryside.

Yes, visiting Mont St. Michel from Paris is a simple, enjoyable day trip from Paris. Our tour is designed for you to take the high-speed, reliable and safe TGV rail from Paris, saving you hours of driving time.

Relax with a coffee and croissant on the train and meet your guide directly in Saint Malo!

We allot around three hours for a visit to Mont St. Michel on our tours. Walking the 300 steps to the top of the Mont takes some time and is best done at a leisurely pace. The view is well worth the effort. We also time the day so you are there during lunch and can soak up the fascinating atmosphere of this medieval wonder.

The entry fee to visit Mont St. Michel castle is €11 and is included in your tour cost with us.

Why we love Mont St. Michel – When a medieval monk has a vision to build a monastery on a rock cut off by high tides, and actually gets it built, well, you have to see it.  We climbed the 250 steps up and took in an amazing view.  That fast-advancing tide is almost like an optical illusion, and I’ll never forget almost getting caught in it when we walked the tidal flats further up the coast. – Laura